Who is this Papi?

Born Vain Papi

My name is Papi.

Who is Papi? Papi is a husband, a friend, a son, a brother, an uncle, a father, a grandfather, a photographer, an MC. He is a writer, a music lover, a renaissance man with a world and wealth of experiences. He is acutely tuned into the human condition and gives very compelling advice on all things human interaction.

Papi’s Biz is simply a place for free expression, great hilarity, stimulating conversation, intellectual ignorance, and a good time. This is my home where I can do as I please. It is quite a ride into the life and mind of Papi, so buckle up. I hope you enjoy your time with me.

Though many of you may see Papi’s posts as having entertainment value only, I have to say something. Thank you for encouraging me to forgive. I have held on to a painful experience for over 25 years. Today I released it, and reached out to this person, and we are having a cleansing dialogue via inbox RIGHT NOW. I am grateful for you. This is the power of Facebook. – Rhonda Denise