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Papi’s Peace – Change the World

Change [cheynj] verb (used with object), changed, changing.
to make the form, nature, content, future course, etc., of (something) different from what it is or from what it would be if left alone: to change one’s name; to change one’s opinion; to change the course of history.

I am a word nerd. I am the son of a smooth talkin former insurance executive and a high school English teacher and grammar school principal. I have NO problems with words. When I used to ask my momma how to spell a word she would tell me, “Look it up!”
“But Mom, I don’t know how to spell it!”
“Sound it out!”
SMH. That is my momma. Love her methods and appreciate them now. Then? Not so much.
So I love words. I especially love looking up more common words and seeing their actual definition. It can be very powerful and insightful.
I had change on my heart and on my mind for today. I have seen people losing family and friends lately. I lost a very close friend this weekend. Hewitt Moten. My man Meca. He didn’t get his nickname from the holy land. His full nickname was Meca Necka High Meca Highny Ho. He had a VERY long neck. We were ignant in high school. Lol. That was my buddy. We were SUPER close in high school. As we got older we drifted apart. He wasn’t on Facebook, but we talked a little. Not nearly enough. We often talked about how we needed to get together. Just last week I talked about regret . . . and this. Damn. Practice what you preach Papi.
So I have been really thinking about change. And the difference that people can make. And how often we underestimate the effect we have on others. Other’s lives. Other’s outlook. Other’s world.
I think about the memories of Meca, and the things we shared that helped shape the person that I am now. The word Roundezvous pronounced “ronday-view” is a word that we made up as a play on “rendezvous”. It is a hookup or meeting, especially with someone you are meeting for the 1st time. I still say Roundezvous. Prolly always will.
I thought about a lot and I kept thinking of the ways he changed my views and ideas about some of the things we went through.
So I looked up the word. And something jumped out at me. When the definition says “from what it would be left alone”.
From what it would be left alone.
That was so profound to me and it just echoed in my head. I thought about what it meant.
You hear people say things like, my one vote can’t make a difference. If I say something, it won’t change anything. They aren’t gonna change just for you. We underestimate our power AND we don’t truly understand what change is. You cannot have two votes without 1st having one. You have to start with one. You are the one. Start with yourself. Make the change internally. YOU are the one thing that you can control. If everyone changes just that ONE then yes, ONE can change the world.
Can you really wrap your mind around that? Real deep.
But we don’t even gotta get that deep. Let’s get basic.
If you can create change in ONE person, you have changed the world. You have changed that ONE person’s world. You can be the difference between ONE person living or dying. You can be the difference between ONE person knowing and understanding what true love is, or being bitter, distrustful, and angry at the opposite sex. You can make ONE person believe they are good enough for success. Good enough to be happy. Good enough to demand better treatment. And when you change that ONE person, you have changed the world.
Sometimes I get discouraged with the things I post. It feels like no one has read. No one is paying attention. No one is feeling it. But then someone says,

“Thank you for this. Feeling like a speck on a leaf lately and this was a real boost. Thanks Joel, this means more than you know.”

Wow. Now what would have happened if I had just “left it alone”?
I wouldn’t have changed the world!

That’s my Peace yall! I love you!

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